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About the fonts
BP fonts were created using Fontlab™ Studio 5, and have been tested under various platforms (e.g. Windows 2000, Windows XP, MacOS X 10.4, etc.). You can download and use most of the fonts, under a Creative Commons License. The only thing, kindly requested from you, is to REFER TO THIS SOURCE WHENEVER A COMMERCIAL USE IS INTENDED. You may alter the fonts only after requesting permission to do so. I am not responsible for any aesthetic misuse of the fonts. Feel free though to send an e-mail, showing me how you used them.

BPfonts ARE PROVIDED "AS IS" WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND AND NO LIABILITY FOR DAMAGES. The previous statement is not a legal statement - it's just a statement. The fonts have been succesfully tested under several platforms (as previously stated). However, there is no warranty for use in operating systems other than those tested. So, please, use responsibly.

Many thanks to:
Eirini Vlachou, Michail Semoglou, Christo Tsoleridi, Nasso Kouroupi, Nick Tzano and Alexio Zavra for their valuable comments and suggestions and Haroula Kerasidou for BPharoula, Ilialena Pratsinaki for BPilialena, Maria Kontaki for BPmaria, Olga Kerasidou for BPolga and Giorgos Pallas for BPpallas

Please read the Creative Commons Licence before using any font (except BPreplay)
Please read the SIL Open Font License before using BPreplay or DPSDbeyond

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